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About MCE

At MCE, we pride ourselves on our high site closure success rate. An integral part of these closures is contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling, i.e.: how much of a contaminant will there be at a particular spot and time. This is useful, for example, for projecting that the concentration of MTBE will not exceed 20 ug/l thirty years in the future at the site's property boundary.

The staff at Mulry and Cresswell Environmental, Inc. is well versed in the government guidelines pertaining to the modeling of a site for closure. From calculating the hydrogeologic properties of the subsurface to using ASTM and government established guidelines for evaluating the degradation of chemicals of concern.

We can use this contaminant migration modeling to evaluate any potential impact to off-site receptors (supply wells, surface water, etc.). When we prove that the contamination will not migrate to and impact these receptors, we get site closure.

This process has lead to the successful closure of many sites.


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