Phase I-IV Investigations

With any real estate transaction, it is important to know if there are any possible environmental issues that over time may result in legal and financial liability for the new owner. Examples include underground storage tanks (USTs), chemical dumps, and septic seepage.

Mulry and Cresswell Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience in identifying often hard to see environmental liabilities. A site walk-over and surrounding area survey may not reveal any potential problems, but the extensive file reviews MCE conducts may show that the building used to have gas pumps out front, may have been the subject of past governmental environmental agency citations, or may be adjacent to a home that had a leaky heating oil tank.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will determine if there are any environmental liabilities that can be identified with a surface walk-over of the site. Phases II and III would determine the extent of any sub-surface contamination and a Phase IV investigation determines the best way to remediate the site.