Mulry and Cresswell Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience in environmental site remediation and cleanup. We have successfully remediated sites ranging from retail gas stations to superfund-listed landfills to sites with lead-contaminated soil.

Once we determine the extent of contamination at a site, we will devise the most appropriate solution to remediate the soil and groundwater. If a remediation system is called for, MCE handles all the necessary permitting the local, state, and federal governments require. We design, build, and install complete systems including:

Once the system is installed, MCE will maintain the system to peak efficiency. We then perform regular groundwater sampling events to evaluate system performance and project a date for site closure through Fate and Transport Modeling.

If we determine a system is not necessary at a site, we perform routine monitoring, consisting of soil and / or groundwater sampling with analysis for the chemicals of concern at the site. We handle all interactions with the state and federal environmental agencies and work closely with the regulators to bring the site to closure.

While MCE is very experienced at system installation, we will not rush into one. If natural attenuation seems to be the best approach, we will pursue that option, saving our client thousands of dollars. All our sub-contractors (analytical laboratories, drilling companies, etc.) have extensive QA/QC programs. If a sub-contractor is needed at the site itself, we require OSHA certification.